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Flower Shows and Jelly Fish

Flower show in Philadelphia
One of the many splendors of the PHS Flower Show in Philadelphia

We’ve just wrapped up another Flower Show season, having purveyed Haitian metal to blizzards of happy shoppers in Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boise. And while they were FLOWER shows, the biggest hits of the season were…..sea life sculptures.

I suppose it’s not so strange when you think about it. All three of the shows were in the northern tier of the country, and let it be said, the northern tier had more than it’s share of winter in the past several months. (Let’s not even talk about “snowmageddon” or cyclone bombs!) So it’s probably to be expected, after such a winter, that thoughts can easily march right past April showers and May flowers to beach combing and lounging poolside in the warmth of a sunny summer’s day.

While our gold-standard birds, sun faces, trees of life continued to be popular, we worked especially hard in the months before the shows to make our sea life sculptures ever more beautifully crafted and finely detailed. How wonderful that those efforts paid off. The enthusiasm of our Flower Show customers was proof positive: They really are great! See for yourself…..

Contributed by Linda for It’s Cactus

octopus metal sculpture
Marvelously fluid octopus by Jimmy Dade
jellyfish sculpture from Haiti
Kendy Bellony created this jellyfish with details so intricate, it looks as if its trying to get back to the sea.
Metal sculpture from Haiti
A floating set of three sea horses for display at the beach house on the shore or the bungalow in town.

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