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Please Ma’am, Can I have some more??

No, I haven’t fallen off the good grammar wagon. Remember the line from the film “Oliver”? The little street urchin asks for more porridge to re-fill his freshly emptied bowl. Of course, a meager meal is one thing and art is quite another, but sometimes, whether porridge or metal sculptures, we just can’t get enough. We want more.

So you want more metal art from Haiti. Marvelous! Obviously, if you are on this website, you know that you can get it here, along with fabulous folk art treasures from Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and beyond. On our website you have the greatest selection, with the benefit of access to our entire inventory. Additionally, you trade directly with us to procure these treasures. Not a bad way to go.

Having said that, there are other avenues at your disposal to which I am only to happy to direct you. It may seem strange that I would do so, but the bottom line is this: Whether you buy at a retail show in Philadelphia, a Farmer’s Market in Santa Cruz, on our website, or on another website on which we have made our Haitian metal art available, you are directly supporting the artist that made your piece.

To buy our art on Etsy, simply type “Artunderthetree” in the search box at the top of the home page. Art Under the Tree is a specially designated collaborative effort with local Haitians to teach business skills and exchange ideas in the best traditions of Fair Trade. The name, Art Under the Tree was suggested by the artists themselves. While they often have physical structures which they use as workshops, during hot summer months, it is cooler and breezier to produce their art under the tree!

You also have access to over 550 pieces of our art on Amazon, many of which are available on Prime. That, of course means free shipping! To find us quickly, type “It’s Cactus – metal art haiti” in the search bar at the top of the home page. Easy as pie.

So to recap, we are happy to offer fantastic recycled metal sculptures, handcrafted by our artist partners and make them available to you in strict and faithful observance of Fair Trade practices. Whether you buy on our website or another, whether you get your art at a retail show or farmer’s market, or street fair, you can be assured that you are supporting artists and their families in Haiti and making a positive impact on their lives. Way to go!!!

Haitian metal artist
Jean Claude Soulouque, one of our top artists, has seen his business has grown tremendously through your purchases.


Will These Sculptures Rust?

Our retail show flurry has wound down for the time being, but while it was running full-tilt, we heard time and time again: “Will my sculpture rust?” The sculptures are all made of recycled steel and if they are exposed outdoor weather untreated, answer is unequivocally, “Yes.” Like death and taxes, rust is inevitable.

Hatian metal sculpture one-of-a-kind by Michee Remy

Rust on this beautiful sculpture by Michee Remy does nothing to take away from it’s appeal.

We do assure shoppers that the metal comes with a clear-coat to protect it, but that the clear- coat will wear off sooner or later, depending on exposure. The sculptures can be retreated easily with spray-on clear coat enamel. (THIS or anything similar works fine.) Usually spending 5 minutes once a year to re-apply the protective coating is plenty and your sculpture will retain the same look as the day you bought it, pretty much forever.

HOWEVER, what if it does rust? What if you don’t get to it in time? Is that bad? What will it look

Haitian metal looks great with rust or without.

A rusted metal garden stake looks charming nestled amongst bright blooms.

like then? Well, I live in Arizona, and my sculptures outside are under the porch, so I haven’t had any of them rust. Casey has hers outside exposed to everything that the Central California Coast has to offer and this is exactly what happens. (Photos left.)

The rusted patina actually looks pretty great too! On the wall, leaning on a stand, or in the garden, like this GARDEN STAKE, they all are fine. Your sculptures won’t disappear and they WILL add artful interest to your landscape, rusted or not. Bottom line: Don’t worry. You can’t screw this up!


Contributed by Linda for It’s Cactus

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